euircd upgrade to 1.3.1 / services upgrade

During the last weeks our servers have been updated to the latest version of euircd.
The most important changes:


Web IRC is now completely supported


SSL is available now
you can connect now via ssl on port +6697 (or +6999)

Client certs are available
You may use now a client certficate (S/MIME) from StartSSL to identify yourself with nickserv

New usermode +T
When you connect via ssl, you'll get usermode +T

/mode #channel +T
You may only join a channel with channelmode +T set with usermode +T (SSL only). Founder only may set this mode.

New command /tlsinfo
You may check your SSL connection status by using the /tlsinfo command.
Only returns a result on a secure connection.


AWAY bug fixed
All the servers notice now when a user "comes back". There were several problems in past.

CHANNEL: AKICK bans bug fixed
Under certain circumstances an entry on channels AKICK list doesn't match a users vhost.
This bug has been fixed.


Channel ban-, exception-, badword-, invitelist
100 lines for a total of ban-, exception-, badword- and Invitelist for a channel can now be achieved. Previously this was not possible due to a memory limit of 1kb. This is increased to a buffer size of 4kb.

When you register a channel you'll automatically get
founder status (+q).


Statushandling at restart
Services takes users status from euIRC cloud. If you were identified before the services got restarted you'll still be identified when the services are back.
No nickchange to guestxy.

Nick collides/zombies
The services do not create an enforcer-nick anymore instead the nick is locked (quarantained). So nick collides and zombie nicks are reduced.

2013-04-20 | Author: Vampirin

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