Poll: Which new prefixes for Founder and Admin you want to use?

We are currently working hard to improve the network and shift a huge update next month.
We will write another news with more details a week before we set it public.

As with every migration some things need to be changed.
At this time, we need to change the status-prefixes used for founder (*) and admin (!).
As * is against the RFC we will change this to ~ as known from other networks.
The reason is, that * indicates an IRCOp and thus some clients are displaying it in a wrong way.
Now you should decide if we should change ! for Admin, too.

Please use the poll displayed on the right site of the webpage to vote for your decision.
You have the following options:
~ and & as known from other networks,
~ and ! to leave it more euIRC-like,
or "sth. else". In this case you should get in touch with us either via email or joining #euirc/#help to discuss your idea.

We hope you will consider participating! :)
Your euIRCnet-Team.

2013-02-20 | Author: Noxx

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